About Me

Hello my name is Stephen Cupp. I'm a civil engineer by trade and a photographer for fun.

As a child I was given a Canon 35mm SLR film camera for Christmas. I enjoyed taking pictures mainly on vacation since film was expensive. It wasn't until I was almost done with collage that I bought my first Canon D30 dSLR and that was when I really started learning. At the coaxing of my dad I attended my first photography workshop. There I shot my first model Stephanie Appleton. We ended up becoming very good friends. Meeting her changed the direction of my life. She encouraged me to continue shooting and introduced me a couple times to one of my best friends and mentor Jerome Hamilton. Around the same time my dad also told me I should join the Nevada Camera Club. Ironically enough Jerome was the president at the time. Through the club I have met many great people. In 2014 I was recruited to create and maintain the club's website. Through the years Jerome and I have traveled to many places that Jerome has been teaching. In 2012 Jerome held a fashion/glamour workshop in Cancun. There I got to know another great model and friend Brandy Starr. She is my favorite model to shoot especially since Stephanie has retired from modeling and has moved on to other career opportunities.

When I first registered this website in the mid 90's I was a huge fan of the local Las Vegas Thunder hockey team. Hockey is my favorite sport. I started liking hockey in the early 90's when Ed Belfour was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. For some unknown reason he became my favorite player and the Blackhawks became my favorite team. And now the Vegas Golden Knights came to town and they are my favorite team.